The city in a few words

  • The city of Shanghai has established itself with Hong Kong as the art capital of the Asian market.
  • It is an essential city for European and American galleries to discover and meet the actors of the Asian market.
  • The city and the region are home to art collectors more and more interested in "Western Art".
  • Many galleries come from all over the region but also from Europe and the United States. Experts speak of Shanghai as a city that has the greatest potential for development in the art market over the next ten years.
  • Our local partner, Regina Chan, knows all the local networks and will advise the galleries on the best dates and formats of exhibitions.

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  • ART 21 : November 7 to 10, 2019
    In recent years, Shanghai has become a world capital of the arts. The city took advantage of this status to set up a group of events in November that drew members of the local and international collectors’ community. ART021 is part of the Shanghai International Art Festival, which takes place in parallel with the West Bund Art & Design and one year out of two at the opening of the Shanghai Biennial.