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    - Minimum lead time needed to create exhibition and confirm reservation: 4 months. For shorter term projects please contact us

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Finalize your exhibition
Once the project approved and aligned with your initial requirements (choice of venue and budget), the participating gallery confirms all needs in technical support and additional services in connection with the exhibition:
transports, installation and set up, insurance, promotion/communication, special needs and services.

Important : in case of first exhibition project with The WAL, participation fees* have to be covered in order to finalize the exhibition.

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Become a member and access the list of exhibitions being currently prepared by The WAL gallery community, and connect with our team. To become a member, click here.

The WAL provides its members a series of recommendations to organize their exhibitions timed with key international arts and culture moments. See our destinations

- Once your application accepted
- Or once your first exhibition project approved

To join The WAL community, a unique membership and annual subscription plan:

Membership: $1,400 / 1 200 € * - One-time fee to become a member of The WAL community.

Yearly subscription: $1,000 / 900 € *, or $85 / 75 € monthly * - To create exhibition projects and access all customized services.

* Taxes may apply.

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